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My grandpa is actually still a pretty funky guy and is eager to stay connected with technology. It's very funny to see him taking selfies with me and my cousins. He finds it a bit hard to use the cutting edge smartphones as they have quite small type and buttons, so we have to get him some technology that suits his abilities. It's cool to be able to get texts from him and send him messages to let him know that we are thinking about him. This blog is all about finding accessible technology options for the elderly to keep them connected.

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Universal Data Destruction Mistakes to Avoid

Once data has outlived its time, disposing of it is necessary. Data destruction refers to getting rid of data stored on tapes and various forms of media. The process ensures the information is not readable, so no one can use it for unauthorised reasons. When you are disposing of your data, it is essential to be keen on what could be sensitive and affect your business. Here is how to avoid mistakes if you want to ensure the safety of your confidential information.

Understand the Retention Schedule of Each Document

Most people make the mistake of holding onto documents longer than they should. In some cases, the law requires that you destroy all the information that is past its retention period. Failure to comply will not only expose your data, but it is also a criminal offence.

Avoid DIY Projects

Most organisations lack the expertise and the resources they need for IT disposal practices. That may lead to the illegal practice of doing things themselves. Skilled methods are necessary to avoid handling matters in the wrong way. That is why you must work with professional data destruction companies. These companies are sure to use the right strategies when destroying information. 

Know Where the Data Goes

Though outsourcing IT services is essential in many ways, it requires you to be careful. Many third-party services offer to take away or dispose of your IT waste. It is prudent to ensure you use certified companies when disposing of your data. If you outsource IT asset disposal, ensure you track each asset to ensure proper destruction or recycling.

Avoid Trusting an Office Paper Shredder

When destroying confidential information, it is not safe to trust an office paper shredder. The reason is the shredder only cuts the papers into short strips. Keen individuals can connect the documents to get the information they are not supposed to have. Also, someone can steal the shredded paper when you put it in a dustbin. Hiring professional shredding services will ensure everything is destroyed so that it cannot be reconstructed again.

Check Your Branded Items

Many organisations do not pay any attention to their branded items. Documents are not the only items that are vulnerable when you have people stealing your information. Branded things like uniforms, promotional items, and marketing materials may also land in the wrong hands. When you are through with all these items, it is essential to destroy them thoroughly to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.


There is nothing as important as your company's data. Taking care of your confidential information is the number-one thing for all organisations. Keep in mind that even one disposal error could cause severe damage to your business. Thus, avoid making the mistakes mentioned above. Working with the right company will give you the best results.