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My grandpa is actually still a pretty funky guy and is eager to stay connected with technology. It's very funny to see him taking selfies with me and my cousins. He finds it a bit hard to use the cutting edge smartphones as they have quite small type and buttons, so we have to get him some technology that suits his abilities. It's cool to be able to get texts from him and send him messages to let him know that we are thinking about him. This blog is all about finding accessible technology options for the elderly to keep them connected.

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5 Ways to Organize Your Home Office

If your home office is getting filled with clutter to where you can barely find what you need, you are not alone. Luckily, there are ways to get things sorted so you never lose anything again.

Digitise Your Forms and Documents

A common problem with home offices is that when you have a lot of different receipts, documents, and forms, they get lost in the shuffle. You can reduce a lot of paper mess in the office by digitising everything. There are computer software programs and phone apps that let you quickly scan documents and receipts so that everything is saved on your hard drive. When you need a for, you go to your computer to get it and print just what you need, instead of having to look for the forms in your filing cabinet that is probably already filling up.

Store Old Paperwork in Storage Boxes

With the old documents that have been scanned and saved to your computer, they can be stored in boxes and either placed in another space, closet, or a local storage unit. You won't need these hard copies often, so they are safe in another location for now. It keeps the clutter from your office and desk area.

Get a Custom Pin Board or Whiteboard

If your desk is filling up with papers or notes you have made relating to the business you do or an upcoming project, get them off your desk by pinning them up on a wall. There are pin boards made of materials like felt and cork that let you keep these documents in front of you in a convenient location, without causing more clutter. These pin boards can also be useful when you want to work out details of a project. You might also consider skipping paper for your notes and instead using a dry erase whiteboard, like those at Vista Visuals Australia Pty Ltd.

Label Baskets and Bins

Start using baskets and bins to store things like pens, printer ink, sticky notes, and other tools you use for your work. This helps to keep everything off your desk and gets it in its own place. Put the baskets or bins on a bookshelf or tall bookcase unit in the office. This also works well if you run a business from home and need somewhere to store shipping supplies and inventory. By labeling everything, you know where it goes when you are done with it, and you can quickly retrieve what you need.

Sort Mail Daily

If you are like most people, much of the mess in your home office is probably due to mail flyers and unopened bills. Get into the habit of going through your mail daily. This not only helps keep it from piling up on your desk and covering your actual work, but it helps you get your bills paid faster. Don't hold onto those coupons or grocery flyers unless you intend to use them. Put them in the recycle bin, and only save mail you really need. You can get a tabletop sorter to separate different types of mail you receive.