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My grandpa is actually still a pretty funky guy and is eager to stay connected with technology. It's very funny to see him taking selfies with me and my cousins. He finds it a bit hard to use the cutting edge smartphones as they have quite small type and buttons, so we have to get him some technology that suits his abilities. It's cool to be able to get texts from him and send him messages to let him know that we are thinking about him. This blog is all about finding accessible technology options for the elderly to keep them connected.

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Why You Require a Professional Electrician for Your Security System Installation

When it comes to ensuring the security of your business premises, it is best to be proactive. One way to discourage would-be criminals from trying to gain entry into your commercial building is to install security surveillance cameras outside the building. If you are contemplating adopting this security strategy for the first time, then it is important that you enlist the services of a qualified commercial electrician

Here are some reasons as to why you will require the help of a pro to get the job done right the first time:

Camera location

You can mount security cameras anywhere on your exterior walls and they will work just fine, right? Wrong. Proper placement of security cameras is critical to ensuring that your security surveillance camera system works effectively. It's not all about positioning the cameras at the highest points of a building's exteriors. Rather, it involves identifying spots that will allow the cameras to cover areas of interest that give the best views while remaining safe from the elements and safe from the hands of thieves and burglars.

As an inexperienced installer, you might find it hard to identify the right locations for your security cameras. An experienced electrician will know exactly where your cameras should be placed, depending upon your particular security goals. In this case, they will choose a conspicuous location so that potential criminals can see the cameras and get deterred from proceeding with their intentions.   

Exterior lighting 

Without good lighting, outdoor security cameras are fairly ineffective. During the daytime, these cameras should not be directly facing the sun, as this will distort the quality of images produced. And, in the dark of the night, security cameras are not any good unless they are night-vision enabled.

Most exterior security cameras do not have a night-vision feature, and the ones that have this capability are quite expensive. Regardless of what type of camera system you will install, it is important to hire a professional to do the job. They will check the lighting arrangement in the exteriors of your commercial building in addition to external factors such as the location of the building relative to the orientation of the sun, so as to optimise outdoor lighting and maximise the security camera system's potential.

Because installing security cameras is clearly a technical job, it is best to hire a professional to do the job on your behalf. Taking the DIY route might not provide you with the desired results.