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My grandpa is actually still a pretty funky guy and is eager to stay connected with technology. It's very funny to see him taking selfies with me and my cousins. He finds it a bit hard to use the cutting edge smartphones as they have quite small type and buttons, so we have to get him some technology that suits his abilities. It's cool to be able to get texts from him and send him messages to let him know that we are thinking about him. This blog is all about finding accessible technology options for the elderly to keep them connected.

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Here's Why You Need Fibre Optic Cables for Your Data Cabling Needs

If you are planning to install a new network in your home or business or even considering upgrading the already existing one, the type of data cabling you choose is of vital importance. That's because it will play a significant role in the efficiency of your new network. Therefore, careful consideration is imperative when choosing data cabling solutions for your network. Copper cables have for a long time been a popular solution when it comes to data cabling. However, over the recent past, fibre optic cables have replaced copper cables as the top data cabling solution and for a good reason. Find out why.

Fibre Optic Cabling Has Higher Bandwidth 

Greater bandwidth is one of the greatest selling points of fibre optic cables over their copper counterparts. Fibre data cabling is capable of transmitting a much higher volume of data per unit time. If the data cabling is for your business network, you will find this property highly beneficial because it will help reduce delays in the transmission of data, which will in turn help minimise waste in your business operations. Also, a data cabling system with a high bandwidth will be able to handle more data traffic, which means it will be adaptable to your growing business data demands.

Fibre Optic Cabling Is Faster

Speed is another key component to have in mind when choosing data cabling for your network. A fast data cabling system is essential for enhanced productivity whether in your home or business. Fibre optic cabling carries signals at extremely high speeds compared to copper data cabling. Even at times when the demand for internet access is quite high, you may not notice that the internet is slowing down. Slow internet connections can inhibit your productivity or that of your employees in the case of a business. With fibre optic cabling, you will be able to avoid all that.

Fibre Optic Cabling Is Resistant to Interference

Your network environment will also determine how effective your data cabling system is. Copper cables are good conductors, which means they can easily be affected by things such as power surges, radio-frequency interference, and even electromagnetic interference. If your data cabling runs through a network environment with sources of interference such as heating and ventilating systems, its efficiency can be affected. Fibre optic cables, unlike their copper counterparts, carry data or signals in the form of light instead of in an electrical form. That means they are totally immune from any form of interference.